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VEnues & Vacations

Venues & Vacations is primarily into arranging and executing high-quality Conferences, Conventions, Symposiums and Team Building Workshops within India and at Select Locations internationally for corporate clients. 


Our Objective is to Exhilarate an Enthralling Experience for the participants and ensure they return with Pleasant Memories for times to come.


We offer tailor-crafted and customized vacations for your family and friends, wherein we not only suggest the right properties to suit your taste and expectations; but also help make all travel arrangements to and from the venue and provide complete on-site support to suit your requirements with the help of our liaison offices at various locations, that you choose from.


Venues and Vacations is an international comprehensive leg-work referral service, with the primary goal of helping make your next convention, conference, meeting and/or team building workshop a successful and pleasurable event. 


Another of our goals is to have you rely on our knowledge of all major cities in India and throughout the world. With our cutting-edge services, we aim to offer a synergy where the activities are based on planning and are change-oriented that bring a sense of belonging to the exercise which is executed with utmost accountability.



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